Flag for Hope

The last two years of my life have been dedicated to creating The Flag for Hope. We began Memorial Day in May 2015 at the 99th running of the Indianapolis 500 and the last hand print was placed in Dallas, TX on September 18, 2016.

The Flag for Hope Promotes Unity, Honor, and Peace for All Americans. The blue field and red and white stripes were created by almost 4,000 Americans, including 500+ veterans, hundreds of police, fire and rescue, numerous Olympians and notable sports figures, business leaders, community leaders, pioneers in medicine and science, and everyday American patriots. Most of the Flag for Hope’s hand and finger impressions were painted at churches, community centers, veteran’s centers, schools, colleges, hospitals, parks, and other places where communities gather for a shared purpose.

The 50 Stars on The Flag for Hope were personally painted by 50 Iconic Americans, chosen for both their individual achievements and their exceptional service to others.

I personally directed the placement of every hand and finger impression on the flag, and photographed and videoed every participant including our 50 Stars.

The grueling travel demands of the journey have wreaked havoc on my body, but the experience has filled my soul with hope. America is a country filled with incredible people who share so much love and optimism for the future.

The Flag for Hope is our gift to America – it will never be sold. It is truly a National Treasure and I look forward to sharing the flag, and all its individual stories with you.

Here are some photos from the Closing in Dallas, TX on September 18, 2016.

Dallas Police Department Assistant Chief Christina Smith places the last handprint on The Flag for Hope
Star 40 Admiral Patrick Walsh, DPD Assist. Chief Christina Smith, Star 4 NYFD Battalion Chief Jack Pritchard
Me and DPD Assistant Chief Christina Smith
Me with Admiral Patrick Walsh and his wife, Andy Walsh
Me, DPD Assist. Chief Christina Smith, FDNY Battalion Chief Jack Pritchard
Close Up of The Flag for Hope