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 Flag for Hope           Impressions of Humanity

Marcos Antonio was born in the mountains of the Dominican Republic. He became a laborer at the age of 5 to help support his family of 11. In 1971, the family emigrated to New York and a few years later Marcos Antonio enlisted in the US Army, where he served for six years.

Marcos Antonio Photo
Marcos Antonio

Marcos later acquired a business degree and became the owner of a cosmetic line. He sold his successful business in 1994 to dedicate himself entirely to painting, his lifelong passion. Marcos Antonio has exhibited and has spoken about his art globally.From 1999 to 2002, Marcos became the director of the Providence Festival of New Latin American Cinema. He is also the founder of the Anthony Quinn Lifetime Achievement Award in Film and the Arts. From 1990 to 2003, he acted as Providence’s unofficial ambassador to the Caribbean, and this role, has undertaken humanitarian missions and represented the interests of Rhode Island institutions.In the fall of 2001, Marcos Antonio became Providence’s first Director of Hispanic Affairs. In 2007 started the art global project Impressions of Humanity. In 2016-2017 finished the US Flag for Hope Project.

Marcos Antonio’s Global Project: Impressions of Humanity
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The Flag for Hope is America’s New National Treasure
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Sketching at 30,000 Feet

During the journey to create The Flag for Hope we logged more than 300,000 miles – most of that was in the air. It was interesting to watch the folks around me pass the time – electronic devices, books, crosswords, magazines, newspapers, actual conversations (!), naps…

I used that time to think, create, and sketch. I continued my mission to give life to butterflies and also experimented with some abstract concepts. Here’s a sample of my work from 30,000 ft…

Butterflies While Flying

Abstract Sketches


Flag for Hope in Arizona

Arizona is an absolutely gorgeous state made even more so by the experience of meeting people who all care so deeply about our country.

A quiet moment with Sandra Day O’Connor as we prepared to paint her star – she looked at and asked about my dog tags.


I thanked Senator McCain for his service and for his honor and sacrifice as a POW. He and Cindy were proud to be part of The Flag for Hope.